Mackenzie has a Master’s degree in Music Composition and she spends a lot of time composing and arranging music. Below you will find a list of Mackenzie’s classical compositions. Some titles link to sound files or videos. Mackenzie also writes pop songs and church music. Links to her work in these other styles of music should be available soon.

For information about purchasing scores, or commisioning a composition or arrangement, please contact

Shatter and Spin Again (2013) for wind quintet and two percussionists

The Twenty-third Psalm (2012)–lyrics by Jeff Bassett–for unaccompanied SATB chorus

Pieces (2012)–lyrics by Chloe Sparacino–for mezzo-soprano, Bb clarinet and cello

Snap, Stomp and a Clap (2012) for body percussion in four parts [written for Dr. Lorek and the UMKC Rhythm Lab]

31st and Charlotte (2011) for String Quartet

Once in Motion… (2010) for Orchestra

Maturation (2010) for Alto Sax

Genesis (2010) for computer

The Retaliation of the Defenestrated (2010) for String Quartet and Guitar

The Road That Has No End (2010) for baritone voice, horn, and piano

A Measured Grief (2009) for tuba and gongs–also playable by bass trombone (video)

Jaunt for Woodwind Quintet (2009)

Glass Pockets (2008) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano        

The Sound and the Fury (2007)a programmatic piece in 3 movements for piano trio

Adagio (2006) for String Orchestra

Violin Sonata (2006) for violin and piano

Behind the Eight Ball (2006) for vibraphone, marimba, and piano

Ecuadorian Woman (2006)for flute and piano

Mallet Trio (2005) for xylophone, vibraphone, and marimba

Children’s Afternoon (2004) 3 movements for solo piano